Our Capabilities

Human Performance Technology (HPT) methodologies guide Metris Global’s focus on the real problems and influences affecting individual and organizational performance across an array of scenarios.

We work with you to identify what must change in the “system” to achieve effective, efficient training execution and optimized outcomes.

From understanding the data-driven details of real-time strategic and tactical needs, to conducting an array of performance evaluations, we ensure all measures of the organization can determine where they need to go and how to get there with the tools developed. Quickly.

Our approach will:

+ Provide analysis before action.
+ Examine all factors that influence performers.
+ Identify a solution set that closes all gaps affecting human performance.
+ Help organizations determine the right performance supports that are most cost effective.

Metris capabilities currently in use across our Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security customers include:

+ Front End Analysis

+ Gap + Cause Analysis


+ Organizational Assessment

+ Occupational Analysis

Technical Writing

+ Curriculum Development 

+ Onsite, Virtual and On-demand Instruction Delivery

+ Program Management

Our management approach is lean and uses an agile system of project management.

Our teams are empowered to get the job done while continuously communication findings and directions as they are discovered.