Awakening the Extraordinary in Human Performance

Innovation built on discipline, performance and outcomes 

Providing tailored performance improvement, training, and development to achieve an extraordinary level of individual and organizational excellence. 

Metris Global focuses on the real problems and influences affecting performance. Through our Human Performance Technologies (HPT) approach, we work with you to identify what must change to achieve optimized outcomes. 


We provide our clients with a full spectrum of human and organizational performance improvement solutions across a full array of scenarios that will help you achieve an extraordinary level of individual and organizational excellence.

Performance Improvement Solutions

The Metris Global approach delivers human and organizational performance improvement solutions beginning with an understanding of the data-driven details of real-time strategic and tactical needs. Through opportunity and diagnostic performance evaluations and innovative instructional design, we ensure all measures of the organizational thrive.

Curriculum Development & Training

Built on a foundation of proven experience and leadership across a diversity of tasks, Metris Global will develop a customized curriculum and training delivered when and where you need it. For tasks as wide-ranging as aviation, ground and naval operations to culinary, health services and cybersecurity, we have the knowledge to help your team achieve excellence at the individual and organizational level.


Metris boasts an impressive network of experts who can deliver  onsite instruction as well as a variety of virtual and on-demand delivery methods. All instruction is delivered at a high-level and customized to meet the unique needs of the mission.

Contract Management

Our talented team of internal subject matter experts and partner networks work together to provide comprehensive program management ensuring improved work performance and outcomes. Using an Agile Team Management approach to ensure all trainings hit the target, our  program management team supports all contract elements from contract award through execution – no matter how complex or mundane the tasks.

The Company We Keep

Over the past decade, we have served and worked with top agencies and units.

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Join Our Team

We are actively seeking talented, experienced and driven individuals to join our team. With Metris, you will be part of a passionate, creative and innovative team that inspires you to be your best and empowers you to help others be theirs. If you value diversity and diverse ideas, enjoy being part of a community and strive to deliver superior human performance improvement and training solutions to our customers.