Welcome to Metris.

Metris brings to bear realistic, integrated solutions to global challenges by leveraging relevant experience, subject matter expertise, and strategic relationships in order to adapt to the dynamic environment faced by our clients.

Integrated Solutions.

We take a holistic approach to every challenge and analyze each situation with an open, but focused mindset concentrated on unique and cost-effective solutions.

Solid Experience.

Forged through years of relevant operational experience, and built upon a legacy of highly skilled practitioners from the Special Operations community.

Subject Matter Expertise.

With diverse backgrounds. If we don’t know the answer, we know where to find it through our vast global network.

Cyber Solutions

Everything from comprehensive penetration testing to compliance management, implementation and defensive / countermeasures training and assistance.

Risk Management

We look at Risk Management from all sides with a concentration on the human dynamic since humans are the greatest asset and greatest liability.

Human Performance

Improving Human Performance through realistic training, advisement, and assistance either through discrete or persistent engagements.

Advanced Technology

Utilization of technology where it applies and when necessary. We pull from years of government Research and Development experience and contacts for innovative solutions.

Let us be part of your success

Whether you’re a small, large, public, private or Government entity, we can help you confront and neutralize the unique challenges faced in today’s environment with:

  • Compliance and Advanced Training
  • Organizational Risk Management and Policy Development
  • Human Dynamics in the Physical and Digital Terrain
  • Technologies Designed to Enable Optimal Human Performance

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