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Intelligence Support Systems

Intelligence Operations Training & Analytical Support

Metris delivers realistic and dynamic training scenarios to support the full spectrum of intelligence operations either at our facilities or through Mobile Training Teams (MTTs). Through the use of robust scenarios coupled with highly qualified trainers, role players, and an excellent network of local and federal law enforcement throughout the United States, Metris delivers the premier scenario-based training available today. We provide training on the full intelligence paradigm from collection to analysis and targeting focused on the integration of the appropriate technology at the appropriate time.

“The training venue your organization put together in Phoenix is one of the most detailed and challenging scenarios I’ve ever seen or participated in. The instructor to student ratio and the quality of the instruction was exceptional. The supporting infrastructure for all of the moving parts and tasks associated with both the urban scenario and the CULEX has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

Computer Network Operations

Metris has both US Government and commercially certified Subject Matter Experts in Computer Network Operations (CNO) and Cybersecurity, Metris provides both completely custom training and off-the-shelf (CNO) training for a wide variety of customers and requirements. We focus on the practical application of readily available technologies integrated with specialized and unique technologies only when appropriate, and we can develop custom solutions based upon end-user requirements through our in-house software engineers.

We have teamed with the University of Arizona’s Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center (CAC) to stay plugged-in to the latest and most relevant developments in computing and cybersecurity. Metris is also a partner on AskCyPert – a comprehensive virtual resource for cybersecurity education and training.


With experience furnishing fully functional surveillance teams for complex, scenario-driven and long duration training exercises, or training individuals and teams on both physical and technically-enabled surveillance operations we have solutions that meet your requirements.

Clandestine Methods of Entry

Through the use of Mobile Training Teams or by utilizing our on-site fully featured Clandestine Methods of Entry (CMOE) and Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) lab, we offer:

  • Core Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Vehicle Entry
  • Alarm Bypass
  • Technical Entry
  • Close Target Reconnaissance and Exploitation
  • Custom Courses


SAIFE - Agile Security



In a world gone wireless, mobile voice communications must be secure. Espionage – from state sponsors, rogue actors or global business interests represent a massive and growing threat.

Conventional solutions harden devices, tunnel conversations and mask IP addresses. These approaches are problematic, expensive and limiting. Devices, networks and technologies are changing far too rapidly. Plus, this severely limits agility, thwarting a critical advantage of mobile voice communications.

SAIFE’s Agile Security is a revolutionary step forward in mobile communications, enabling secure person-to-person conversations on any device, any network, and in any situation.

Plus, SAIFE is modular. The secure CORE supports an APP-based environment that enables integrators and innovators to craft highly customized voice environments for government, military, and civilian situations.

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AIM: Automated and Integrated Management

AIM PPS X-Series diagram

The Automated and Integrated Management (AIM) technology is a disruptive technology that can effectively solve the challenges of cyber complexity, heterogeneity, and dynamism.

Metris has teamed with AVIRTEK based on their patented anomaly based behavior analysis of all communications layers, software systems and applications will enable the detection of any anomalous event that might have been triggered by malicious attacks, faults or accidents.

The AIM technology provides programmable automated/semi-automated management actions that will make cyberspace resources and services to be resilient against any type of malicious threats, faults, or accidents. The deployment of AIM technology will enable your organization to:

  1. Stop/eliminate the effectiveness of spams, viruses, worms and cyberattacks (known or unknown) on cyber systems and their services
  2. Deliver superior information services that cannot be stopped or compromised in spite of attacks and failures.
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Special Warfare Support

Special Warfare Support provides DoD organizations scalable, adaptive ways to support training events through current and evolving asymmetric approaches to fully validate mission essential tasks. With a staff that possesses over 200 years of combined Unconventional and Irregular Warfare experience, Special Warfare Support develops customized support packages to exercise and certify the client’s staff and operational units.

The types of training events we are able to support are Unconventional Warfare exercises, Pre-Mission Training, Unit Exercise Evaluations (EXEVALS), and Full Mission Profiles with a wide array of training resources. Our employee base consists of Subject Matter Experts with doctrinal and real world experience in Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Information Operations, Civil-Military Operations, Human Enabled Operations, and Counter-Terrorism.

Training Area Development

We provide the research, conceptual design, and micro level analysis on all required products to support scenario and training exercises. These include, but not limited to, case studies, intelligence packets, area assessments, and operational reports. We also provide all Law Enforcement coordination, land use agreements, and all other required coordination in support of the exercise.

Scenario Development

Metris provides complex and comprehensive scenarios written specifically for Special Warfare in the SOF and Intelligence communities. Starting with a base theme, our scenario writers create a versatile and thorough product that can support any customer end state. With this support we provide intelligence injects, role player scripts, and full analytic products to support any depth of exercise.

Role Player Support

Metris retains many types of Role Players to support training exercises and other training events that include, but are not limited to, Advent Laden RPs, Language RPs, Key Embassy personnel, tactical level RPs. We facilitate the subject matter expertise to support all facets of Military training with specific role player requirements.

Opposition Support

Metris provides both physical and technical, on-demand, dedicated opposition to support any size exercise. Our Opposition Teams come fully-equipped, trained on the most current TTPs and can replicate the target area’s intelligence services activities.

Exercise Control Support

We provide “turn-key” solutions to customers by providing a white cell to support any training venue. This allows for a customer to focus on the evaluation of their subordinate organizations without the need to run the exercise as well. Our Subject Matter Experts provide oversight to the exercise and provide immediate feedback to the customer, thereby reducing the length of the feedback loop.

Unconventional Delivery Systems

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